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Wadebridge Update 20th February 2019

One from the vaults. On the Mid-Hants Railway.

34007 Wadebridge arrives with an up service for Alton.

In BR steam days. The two white discs on the smokebox door. Indicate this to be a Southampton Terminus to London Waterloo via Alton train. Totally correct for the line. 'Wadebridge' went out of service in the March, at the end of it's 10 year Boiler Certificate.

Wadebridge News 4th December 2017

Here is another YouTube Video by Mr TJB showing Wadebridge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Wadebridge News 14th September 2017

Wadebridge was taken out of service last year when its 10 year Boiler Ticket expired. The locomotive is currently waiting an overhaul, but it will be a number of years before the boiler can enter the Ropley boilershop.

An opportunity has arisen to send Wadebridge to an outside contractor to have the boiler overhauled. Although a substantial amount of money has been earmarked for the restoration but it is insufficient to complete the job.  The Mid Hants Railway are running a Fast Track appeal and if you donate via the Mid Hants Railway your name will be entered into a draw, the winner of which will receive the 72A Exmouth Junction shedplate that has been on Wadebridge's smokebox during its final years of running on the Watercress line.

Visit the Mid Hants Railway's appeal for further information.

Wadebridge News 30th August 2017

Wadebridge was at the Great Dorset Steam Fair on 25th August 2017. Wadebridge was still renumbered as 34019 (Bideford) and appeared weathered. Here are two links to photographs from the event.

K Hardy Railway Photography

Southern Road Steam Photography

There is also a YouTube Video by Aiden Strand covering all of the Steam Fair. Wadebridge is seen after 10 minutes and again after 31 minutes.

Wadebridge News 8th July 2017

Wadebridge will feature as part of the commemoration of 50 years since the era of stream trains ended at Eastleigh on 15th and 16th July 1027.

Wadebridge will be renumbers as Bideford for this event. For further information visit Eastleigh Celebration of Steam

Wadebridge last steaming

Wadebridge on the morning of the last day of steaming

Wadebridge News 14th July 2016

Whilst the locomotive is awaiting its overhaul work is continuing with the tender. The picture shows one of the six horn stays which are fitted to the frames. A test fitting of an axlebox has recently been undertaken. More details can be found on the Mid Hants Railway's Roply blog.


Wadebridge News 9th April 2016

A video of 34007's final weekend of operation on the Mid Hants Railway

Wadebridge News 9th March 2016

Last steaming before overhaul

Sunday 6th March was the last occasion that Wadebridge was in steam before she will have an extensive overhaul. She was rostered to run two afternoon trips with The Countryman train.

Wadebridge at Alresford
Wadebridge at Alresford on loop ahead of her final trip before her overhaul. 6th March 2016 14:26

On her last run she left Alresford at 14:48 and arrived at Alton at 15:23. She started the return journey at 15:51 and completed the task at 16:22. After moving the coaches to a siding she returned to Ropley.

Wadebridge at Alton
Wadebridge at Alton preparing for her last run until after her overhaul. Sunday 6th March 2016 15:38

Wadebridge is now at Ropley where she will be covered with a tarpaulin whilst she waits for her turn to be overhauled.

Wadebridge has been in service for the last 10 years but now her boiler certificate has run out.

We have sufficient funds to start the overhaul but we need your help to finish the tender and a timely return of the locomotive to steam.  Should you wish to make a donation to Wadebridge, please use the Wadebridge 34007 Overhaul and Tender Fund form. You may also consider leaving a gift to the Wadebridge Locomotive in your will. See Legacies for further information.

Wadebridge at Alresford
Wadebridge at Alresford just before her return to Ropley at the end of 10 years service. Sunday 6th March 2016 17:40






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