Wadebridge Loco News

Wadebridge has had a successful year in 2012 with over 50 days of running on The Mid Hants Railway.

The new tender axle boxes, together with the bearings and underkeep trays now are been machined at Ropley works.

Axle Box

We are having a new pattern for the horn guides made. This will replace the set of horn guides we had previously had cast which have now been proved to be problematic in fitting and now found not to be the correct items. We will have to incorporate in to the pattern increased size mounting faces to correct the frame cut outs which were cut oversize to fit the axle boxes on the Diesel Wheel sets but due to design difficulties were not used and have now been sold .Now that we have a set of the original type Bulleid wheels sets and axle boxes to hand and soon the replacement horn guides.

We hope that space will be be made available in the main shed at Ropley works soon to enable us to fit the wheel sets in to the tender frames to achieve a rolling chassis.

We also had cast the brake hangers, a set of brake shoes and purchased the two middle brake pull rods. We would like thank the engineering staff at Ropley for their help and assistance with the tender design and construction