Wadebridge Locomotive


Did you know that...


...the last BR-operated engine to steam into Penzance was N°34002 Salisbury?
...the last 'spamcan' to work Southern metals west of Exeter was Wadebridge with a brake van tour to Meldon Quarry on 11th December 1964 (until Tangmere visited Okehampton on 4th October 2003)?
...the last normal steam working to arrive at Exeter was rebuilt WC Nº34032 Camelford with the 1:00 p.m. Waterloo-Exeter, returning with the 7:45 p.m. "perishables" to Nine Elms, on 29th November 1965?
...after they were rebuilt by BR the locomotives were too heavy to work the "Withered Arm" lines north of Meldon Junc.?
...the steam operated firebox doors, popular with West Country drivers, were replaced because Nine Elms drivers didn't like them?

Time for some fun? Have a go at some WADEBRIDGE jigsaws:-


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