26 September 2022

The Wadebridge boiler has been removed from the frame.


10 August 2022

34007, Wadebridge arrived at Riley & Son Locomotive Engineers Ltd. in Heywood where some of the overhaul work will be carried out.


22 December 2021

The overhaul of 34007 Wadebridge is going ahead. That decision was made in December 2021 by the locomotive's owners, Wadebridge (34007) Locomotive Limited (in which the Mid Hants Railway Preservation Society holds the majority shareholding). The unrebuilt West Country class Pacific has been partially dismantled and inspected at Ropley Works on the Watercress Line, and a schedule of work has been prepared. Fortunately there are no 'showstoppers', although the middle cylinder will need to be removed from the frames and repaired. Thanks to the generosity of Wadebridge's Swiss patron and benefactor, Alexander Choremi, there are sufficient funds not only to get the overhaul underway but to set the ambition of a return to main line running. From the outset, the work will be planned and conducted with this in view, under external engineering scrutiny and with the necessary documentation being assembled.

Steam Manafold shutoff valve 11/11/2021

Safety Valves 11/11/2021

Regulator valve 11/11/2021

Wadebridge surrounded by scaffolding 11/11/2021