North York Moors Railway - Autumn Steam Gala

We have been asked to allow Wadebridge to go to the North York Moors Railway for their "S&D" themed Autumn Steam Gala. The key dates are from Thursday 30 September to Sunday 3 October (4 days), and we are pleased to be able to say that subject to terms being agreed she will be there.

John Butcher

News about the locomotive:

On 19 December 2009, the Wadebridge board agreed with MHR to carry out the completion of the partly constructed tender, hopefully within the next 2 years. The board is now researching spring suppliers and axle box designers.

On 19 January 2010 Work on the speedometer fitting started, with the 'wheelbox' bracket on the lower left of the casing just in front of the rear driving wheel which will take the junction box and adjuster for the speedometer in due course.

The engine was then out of service for the following:

  1. The injectors were removed - the outer one to get at the inner one which is still not right; with reports of wasting water (not running clean), and is to be investigated by Gambles
  2. The piston valves and gear are to be dismantled sufficiently to see if the valve timing and positioning and free play are within limits. I confirm reports that one exhaust beat is 'off'. There are no adjustments as such but if bushes in the motion are worn the effect is magnified at the valves.
  3. Atomisers to be examined and/or changed to hopefully stop once and for all the blowing back of steam which causes water to collect in the cylinder lubricator.
  4. Examination and refitting of glands to the steam reverser which has developed oil and steam leaks. The water leak lets water run into the rear left driver bearing; the oil leak lets the reverser move when it should be locked.
  5. The front left tender spring has a broken leaf.
  6. To try to check and repair the leak on the tender water tank into the coal space.

Wadebridge was in the wheeldrop shed at Ropley, with both outside valve chests opened up and piston valves removed for examination; and today we removed the middle cylinder valve chest front cover and took off the left rocker shaft bearing to examine the bushes on the middle valve gear.

The outer piston valves and bushes look to be good but there is some wear in the middle cylinder bushes - too soon to say how bad but they are renewable. Getting to them is a pain, especially the inner cylinder, for which various dismantling is needed including under the frames behind the outside cylinders, in the smokebox where the spark arrestor, blower ring and blastpipe has to be removed, and between the frames behind the middle cylinder where it is hard to even see the rear valve cover, let alone remove it.

Work to fit the speedo is proceeding - the crank is now fitted to the rear driving wheel centre, the drive generator and wheel setting box are ready to clean up and paint, and conduit for the cable to the cab is being supplied.

The defective injector has been sent for examination to Gamble's.

John Prosser

18 December 2009

News about the locomotive:

The tender frame has now been riveted together by the West Somerset Railway, and was moved to the Mid-Hants on 9th November 2009. The tender tank is already at the MHR as are the three class 33 wheelsets.

The engine has been working hard the year at the Mid Hants Railway. Sadly, one of their engines had a catastrophic failure putting her out of action for months. The gap was filled by Wadebridge and boosted her earnings for this year. However, the greater the use, the more wear and tear takes its toll on the engine and more faults occur. To date Wadebridge has steamed over 20,000 miles since returning to traffic. We offer our thanks to Bob Allen and his engineers for maintaining the engine to such a high standard.

Wadebridge had only one booking this year from another heritage railway and that was for the Bluebell in early November.

John Prosser

News about the locomotive:

On the 12th September 2009, Wadebridge is scheduled to be running during the Autumn Gala with the Atlantic Coast Express headboard. If you take any decent photographs, then please submit them for inclusion on the web site.

Bodmin and Wenford Heritage Railway celebrations.

On 19/20th September a celebration weekend is being held in Wadebridge to celebrate 175 years of the Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway. The Wadebridge Group would like to include a small display to represent the part played by 34007 in the Wadebridge and B&W railway story. We would be grateful for help by a few shareholders or supporters living in the area. Please contact initially Colin Coomber, 01726 882396, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

John Butcher