Wadebridge Locomotive

Wadebridge Report

The loco performed well and has clocked up over 50 steaming days so far the year. With visits to the Seven Valley Railway and Ruddington on the Great Central Railway. The only problem was the grate.

New Tender

The new tender axle boxes and the new horn guides have been partially machined at Ropley works and are being trial fitted to the tender frames. We have recently discovered that one of the new vacuum cylinders that we bought about 15 years ago has had a poor repair carried out to the centre boss for the piston rod. We suspect that the boss broke off when the casting was being machined during manufacture and was then welded back on so now it is out of line with the piston head, We now have to decide if it is repairable or we will need to source a replacement.

Drilling the Horn Guide Holes
Drilling the Horn Guide Holes