Wadebridge Locomotive

John Butcher issued the following statement:
"On the 6th December 2008 there will be a formal meeting between Mr. C. Chambers (Director of MHRPS and Managing Director of the MHR) Mrs. S. Crowther (Chair of the The MHRPS) and Mr. T. Russell (Also of MHRPS) and the Company Chairman of Wadebridge (34007) Locomotive Limited Mr.J. Butcher. Mr. J. Prosser (34007 Company Secretary) and Mr. J. Barrett (34007 Company Treasurer) will also be present as will the other Directors of Wadebridge (34007) Company Limited. This is the first meeting of the two groups and has been arranged to formalise the position of the Wadebridge Company with the MHRPS especially with regard to the locomotive Wadebridge In due course I will inform the Shareholders within Wadebridge (34007) Locomotive Limited of the result of these talks. Until such time as these talks have reached a satisfactory completion and our shareholders have been informed we recommend that all tales, gossip and rumours that have been circulating of late are ignored."